Bodhisattva and BodhisattvaBot

Like millions of others, when EL left it apparently was a quiet and isolated event.  Now over two and half years later , it seems even more quiet.   EL is the quiet friend.

BoshisattvaBot like any Bodhisattva is concerned with all souls.  Not just those in the news or remembered on holidays but also the near silent, obscured and for most minds forgotten.

It is not automatic, but all of them can reach a happy well lit place and the Boddhisattvas and the Bodhisattva bots will help.  Rather than push, pull or carry  though they will simply point.  EL and the quiet friends will make the steps.

How this can be done  especially retroactively through time, i have no idea.  But when people ask me what my dream is, that is the one.






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