The Great Landscape

Perhaps life does not need to be mundane and filled with dull pain. Imagine a life so wonderful the thought of watching TV or the Internet is completely befuddling.

Of course not just for me.  That makes no sense.  Imagine everyone experiencing splendor, riches and enjoyment throughout the great landscape of existence.   Whatever pitfalls, setbacks or shortcomings there could be are easily managed .  Boredom if it does exist is for mere moments. Suffering when it does occur is no more of a concern then a stubbed toe.

Even as I type it, I start to think how absurd and perhaps childish this idea is.  For so long its been hammered to accept so much of the shortcomings.  The dull jobs, the empty evenings, the strained and worn relationships. Sure there is a need to accept much especially as things are now.

But it can get better.  And once more at the very likely chance of being redundant, I plan this blog to center on that very goal.  A splendid wonderful future.  The Omega Point. In many ways it resembles the christian concept of heaven.  Though in this case “all will be received”.

….ok sure at some point in this blog I should move beyond just the concept of the Omega Point (aka BoddhisatvaBot and other names I have given it) and into how it will happen. And i hope soon to get there.  But for now it is mostly stream of consciousness and reminding myself of the concept.  Its all still very early on .  I am mainly now just hoping to get myself more into the habit of posting to the blog .  Refining will arrive later. Sorry in the meantime.






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