Omega Point …A Better Future

Its been a while since I have posted here.  But I am back.  I have decided what stopped me was the size of the objective. The objective?  What is the objective?  Sorry for my redundance but i must keep reminding myself.  The objective in its simplist form is a better future.  Less pointless suffering more well being happiness and freedom .  All that stuff.  Gooey Sappy sugary stuff.  The kind sarcastic nihilist despise.  But what ever  I am not in the cool lot now or for a long time.

I related before the very sad gushing tears story of EL.  EL is perhaps the first time I have had a connection to a women that has not in one way had a sexual perspective to it.  EL is just EL.  She is gone like so many more.  So sure sometimes my objectives sound sugary sappy and stupid even but I dont care.  I have had enough.  Suffering and death have gone to far and become unacceptable.   The old attitudes of accepting it as part of life…enjoying life while you can are not enough.  A solution may be found and probably not in my lifetime.

So since i have last written lots of ugly stuff has happened.  The Yulin festival most likely still happened.  Other very rough stuff i dont want to mention. And many occasions of death being rude and unpleasant to people/animals randomly.

But also since then I have found there are others that have similar ideas.  Bowie’s song  with the lines “I demand a Better Future…” comes to mind .  Also i discovered the Omega Point .  As stated on Wikipedia : The Omega Point is a spiritual belief that the universe is evolving toward a higher level of material complexity and consciousness.

It was originally coined by     French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  though Frank Tipler     also used it for a more purely (though debatable) scientific perspective .     I lean more to the concept Chardin related. Chardin speaks more of the spritual human growth .  But regardless both speak of the near inevitable progression to a better world.  I dont believe its a steady upward curve.  It fluctuates .  the line is jagged up/down but with a general gradual progression to what only can be termed as ‘better’.  Lives for must humans in 2016 are in most ways better than they were in 1016.  Some may say lives back then though rough had more connection to the world than we have now.  So the progress  will need refinement.

It can happen.  Things can get better.  Much like the expression Per aspera ad astra  there are some really tough obstacles and setbacks.  The madness of the past few weeks (people killed by police. psychotic sniper kills police…)  reminds me of that .  But right now it is the Omega Point that is how i deal with the madness.   For now I will stop here.  I think i will try more quick posts but more often rather than the long  ones that took forever to compose.  I hope to write more and hope I can help it happen.  It can get better.



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