She Needs our Help

Whether the demons were in her mind, in human form or supernatural in nature it does not matter. The result is the same. She needs our help. She needs a hand to lift her out. The catch is though, the event has already happened. So advanced technology is needed. Time travel. Either through the current dimensions or beyond them. It can be done. Things can get better. This is the pursuit of the Omega Point.


Elisa and the Omega Point.

I wish to share with you all an event that changed me from being an atheist to…well not being an atheist but not sure just what yet. The event apparently happened sometime between January 31st and February 3rd in 2013. Sad to say it was the passing of someone named Elisa Lam. No, I did not know her or have any ties to her family or friends. In fact I found out about her death only last year and on youtube of all places. It was a disturbing and sad story and not sure how much of it is true. Wikipedia has some facts about it. All I can say is I think she deserved much better. I think we all do. Sure there thousands and even millions of people that ran into such tragic ends. For me , Elisa was just the point where i said enough. I can no longer shrug this off. I need to find something stronger than death and all the misery and broken hearts. The singularity and transhumanism are just the first big step. the one after that i originally just referred to as the Boddhisatva Bot and then later heard of Teilhard deChardin’s Omega Point and the Turing Church. To me now the Omega Point is the primary task. It may take more than my lifetime but it is the primary goal. Though I am not specifically a Christian , i agree with many Christian beliefs now: compassion, love and spirit. I may have argued with some of you on differences but I hope we can agree on the task we have . I think its quite possible that God has asked us to take on this task To transcend death and suffering not only through meditation, prayer and spirit but also through science and knowledge. If you have read this far , i just ask you to acknowledge Elisa and join me in wishing a better world somewhere for not just her soul but for all beings. Honestly I normally dont pray but in this case i did. I prayed for salvation of her spirit and all spirits to a place wondrous and beautiful. Thank you.

We Must Rescue Them in the Future!!

(message board post/response regarding death)

I never understood when people say death makes life more precious. Instead it makes it hard to enjoy life because we never know when it may be slipped away from us or our friends. All that enjoy the moment stuff is strange because the moment is always soon over while death awaits. its like being in a waiting room just waiting for our number to be called. Not fun.
And perhaps it would be ok if death was just a nice warm fuzzy gentle nudge into nonbeing. But in most instances its not. Its painful and slow and occasionally horrific (like in the Oakland fire). Plus it decides when. In fact death decides when , where and how. As for the why there is no answer.

I dont think we should eradicate death but rather transcend it and expand beyond it. this may take both mental training (meditation etc) along with technological advances. This way
we can make death as harmless as pinprick.

Mankinds research on cancer an other illnesses is a step in this direction. But it will probably take several hundred years or more. Clearly AI may play a role either in helping or being a malignant hindrance. I for one believe humans will merge with AI and though not immortal will be beyond the grasp of death. they will control when where and how of their passing. Much of this is standard transhumanism stuff.

Where i suggest going a step further from transhumanism is what is sometimes called the Omega Point. It is much like the singularity but instead of just being for the being(s)
at that point, the superintelligence will awaken in itself all prior beings. Crazy i know but when people around you are being burned alive , drowned frozen poisoned etc a crazy solution is needed.

We must rescue them in the future!! The Omega Point doesnt just happen on its own. It requires humans using their minds to solve problems step by step. It also requires the proliferation of kindness. We should treat eachother well and hopefully this trait will
get passed to the descendants that reach the Omega Point. They will reach a place free of pain and useless suffering* and will in their wisdom and kindness be glad to welcome and receive all other sentient beings to this place. And so they will rescue the victims throughout time from suffering and horror.

yes i know crazy sounding nonsense but you can either just casually brush off the nightmares around us because its not yet our turn or you can help to find a way out. We shouldn’t tolerate death’s control on our lives.

*I should point out that suffering would not be completely eliminated. Like death it will still exist but more as to help with growth and wisdom. Like death it will eventually be just part of the knowledge of the future beings but they will expand their minds beyond it.
All life is welcome for this. fish, birds, mammals. insects even.


No Need to Bicker

Whether atheists, theist, buddhists, etc…. humans should not waste time bickering of such things [various beliefs]. The fact is we are here and we need to reach harmony- if you will- with the external world (universe, multiverse and beyond that). Some may call the Omega Point god and others may not but the goal, the need, the passion remains the same. Love will prevail. Things can get better. They will . They are.

Kubrick Quote

“The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent, but if we can come to terms with the indifference, then our existence as a species can have genuine meaning. However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” – Stanley Kubrick

Sausage Party Review Plus (Really).

Review of sausage party and response to other reviewers:
Actually I got to agree with tk1891. Its strange how atheists become as intolerable as many religions. Do atheists make a strong case that most if not all religions could be BS? yes. very much. But is that enough reason to mock, ostracize and condemn those with beliefs entirely?
Plus dont overlook the need religion provides in the first place. People dream of a happier place and a way past death and suffering. Perhaps humans should themselves create this solution we seek. It sounds corny sure but when cancer starts eating you up or water fills your lungs (rip el) some solution will be desired i am sure. It could be enlightenment, nirvana , human compassion or perhaps technology that provides it. perhaps all.
Like silly bits of food we can surely argue in our tiny bubble of a world about whether the insight of atheism or the passion of religion is better, or we could work like crazy to find a way to kick deaths ass and have it so we can just drink tequilas on the beach and chill. It can happen. It is happening. Things can get better.
we shook our fists at the punishing rain

Secular Means. Spiritual Ends.

I agree with Dawkins on “secular moral philosophy”. Well put. Where i diverge from him (and hence consider myself a reluctant atheist) is that he overlooks the need that religion fills for many people. And further more rather than arguing about it just being a delusion cultures create to cope with suffering death and loss, it should be seen as a clarion call for humanity to in fact overcome the harshness of reality at its extremes. Some suffering may lead to growth but others clearly are just madness. But instead of daydreaming a delusion to escape the madness, perhaps we should endevour to bring about a better world, perhaps even in many ways a heaven that is secular in its means but spiritual in its ends. The Omega Point. The Turing Church. Boddhisatvabot. It could happen. things could get better.

11 9

First guess is that 11 9 would be the opposite of 9 11  but its more of a mutated freaky version of it.  Sure no one died directly from the event that I know, but it was a day of darkness that turned into a week of darkness with no sign of an easy resolution.

At first it seemed like my own despair, grief etc.  But soon I found out other people in my family and that I knew were feeling it as well.  What happened as you probably know is that there was an election and unexpectedly Donald Trump had won.  But worse he had won on a campaign of not just your garden variety of lies and mudsling and instead a more toxic and concentrated version.  He verbally attacked vets, the disabled, women (numerous times) and definitely minorities and immigrants.  And he said he would have his opponent put in jail, laws protecting the press removed, immigrants deported and so on.  Occasionally he would talk about the issues but in very vague terms (“I will do something and its going to be great….”).

No one thought he would win. Or thought his chances were unlikely.  But he did win. Not the popular vote but the electoral which is the one that counts. And no he is the president elect.  Its not funny any more.  When your beloved home team loses the superbowl or pennant or whatever it stings for a while….but it is just a game after all.   This is on a different level.  It has the sting and gloom of defeat but it has another layer behind it of cold chunky thick reality  of what it means now that he has won: he will be the leader for four years.  He has the house and senate in the same party as him.  He will get to appoint most like ly one or two supreme court justices.


Not Yet Born.

As the band Can wrote in one of their songs “The Father, he hasn’t been born yet”. I believe that in some far distant future (or perhaps soon) sentient beings will reach a point , the Omega Point, where knowledge and awareness merges them into an infinite being. God really. God then will encompass all things and have compassion and love for all things. And God will awaken beings from across all time and space within God (essentially heaven). But the main thing is its not a given . Sentient beings must make it happen. Without our acts of intelligence and good will God may never come into being.  To me this may explain why their is horror and suffering in the world (because God does not yet exist…we must become god to over come the horror and suffering).  It also explains why killing oneself or others or doing harm to others is not just intrinsically bad, but also will delay the manifestation of God.   Also it explains that both atheists and theists are actually right.   At this moment here in the year 2016 it may appear to many that God does not exist or is not manifested.  But God may exist, could exist  in the future.  It all depends on if we want God to exist.  So a believer in God may also be right.




….at least not to be caged in by pain, suffering fear and death. i know so many people that have been. i dont think those things should be eliminated as they can bring knowledge but they serve no purpose when people are trapped by them. i know people as well who suffer from boredom and banality and constant disapointment. these things should be like the mud that the soul sprouts from . but the soul should not forever be trapped there . people look sad or angry or confused or fearful too much. yes learning to accept is a skill but learning to expand and improve is also a skill. technology and spirit can work together to go beyond the misery and doldrums . And also show others the way out as well. even those that have appeared to have expired.