11 9

First guess is that 11 9 would be the opposite of 9 11  but its more of a mutated freaky version of it.  Sure no one died directly from the event that I know, but it was a day of darkness that turned into a week of darkness with no sign of an easy resolution.

At first it seemed like my own despair, grief etc.  But soon I found out other people in my family and that I knew were feeling it as well.  What happened as you probably know is that there was an election and unexpectedly Donald Trump had won.  But worse he had won on a campaign of not just your garden variety of lies and mudsling and instead a more toxic and concentrated version.  He verbally attacked vets, the disabled, women (numerous times) and definitely minorities and immigrants.  And he said he would have his opponent put in jail, laws protecting the press removed, immigrants deported and so on.  Occasionally he would talk about the issues but in very vague terms (“I will do something and its going to be great….”).

No one thought he would win. Or thought his chances were unlikely.  But he did win. Not the popular vote but the electoral which is the one that counts. And no he is the president elect.  Its not funny any more.  When your beloved home team loses the superbowl or pennant or whatever it stings for a while….but it is just a game after all.   This is on a different level.  It has the sting and gloom of defeat but it has another layer behind it of cold chunky thick reality  of what it means now that he has won: he will be the leader for four years.  He has the house and senate in the same party as him.  He will get to appoint most like ly one or two supreme court justices.



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