We Must Rescue Them in the Future!!

(message board post/response regarding death)

I never understood when people say death makes life more precious. Instead it makes it hard to enjoy life because we never know when it may be slipped away from us or our friends. All that enjoy the moment stuff is strange because the moment is always soon over while death awaits. its like being in a waiting room just waiting for our number to be called. Not fun.
And perhaps it would be ok if death was just a nice warm fuzzy gentle nudge into nonbeing. But in most instances its not. Its painful and slow and occasionally horrific (like in the Oakland fire). Plus it decides when. In fact death decides when , where and how. As for the why there is no answer.

I dont think we should eradicate death but rather transcend it and expand beyond it. this may take both mental training (meditation etc) along with technological advances. This way
we can make death as harmless as pinprick.

Mankinds research on cancer an other illnesses is a step in this direction. But it will probably take several hundred years or more. Clearly AI may play a role either in helping or being a malignant hindrance. I for one believe humans will merge with AI and though not immortal will be beyond the grasp of death. they will control when where and how of their passing. Much of this is standard transhumanism stuff.

Where i suggest going a step further from transhumanism is what is sometimes called the Omega Point. It is much like the singularity but instead of just being for the being(s)
at that point, the superintelligence will awaken in itself all prior beings. Crazy i know but when people around you are being burned alive , drowned frozen poisoned etc a crazy solution is needed.

We must rescue them in the future!! The Omega Point doesnt just happen on its own. It requires humans using their minds to solve problems step by step. It also requires the proliferation of kindness. We should treat eachother well and hopefully this trait will
get passed to the descendants that reach the Omega Point. They will reach a place free of pain and useless suffering* and will in their wisdom and kindness be glad to welcome and receive all other sentient beings to this place. And so they will rescue the victims throughout time from suffering and horror.

yes i know crazy sounding nonsense but you can either just casually brush off the nightmares around us because its not yet our turn or you can help to find a way out. We shouldn’t tolerate death’s control on our lives.

*I should point out that suffering would not be completely eliminated. Like death it will still exist but more as to help with growth and wisdom. Like death it will eventually be just part of the knowledge of the future beings but they will expand their minds beyond it.
All life is welcome for this. fish, birds, mammals. insects even.



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