Elisa and the Omega Point.

I wish to share with you all an event that changed me from being an atheist to…well not being an atheist but not sure just what yet. The event apparently happened sometime between January 31st and February 3rd in 2013. Sad to say it was the passing of someone named Elisa Lam. No, I did not know her or have any ties to her family or friends. In fact I found out about her death only last year and on youtube of all places. It was a disturbing and sad story and not sure how much of it is true. Wikipedia has some facts about it. All I can say is I think she deserved much better. I think we all do. Sure there thousands and even millions of people that ran into such tragic ends. For me , Elisa was just the point where i said enough. I can no longer shrug this off. I need to find something stronger than death and all the misery and broken hearts. The singularity and transhumanism are just the first big step. the one after that i originally just referred to as the Boddhisatva Bot and then later heard of Teilhard deChardin’s Omega Point and the Turing Church. To me now the Omega Point is the primary task. It may take more than my lifetime but it is the primary goal. Though I am not specifically a Christian , i agree with many Christian beliefs now: compassion, love and spirit. I may have argued with some of you on differences but I hope we can agree on the task we have . I think its quite possible that God has asked us to take on this task To transcend death and suffering not only through meditation, prayer and spirit but also through science and knowledge. If you have read this far , i just ask you to acknowledge Elisa and join me in wishing a better world somewhere for not just her soul but for all beings. Honestly I normally dont pray but in this case i did. I prayed for salvation of her spirit and all spirits to a place wondrous and beautiful. Thank you.


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