12.4 Beings Deserve Far Better.

another week another horrible death. i wont go into the details again.
I should say though it didnt happen directly in my life. Just read about it on Yahoo.
i dont think that should matter that much. it happened.

In any case its back to how do you deal with it? Since it was a very remote event reported online,
there is always just point out we all have our own problems right here. But i bet a lot of people
like me were bothered by this sad death. For us we can either go with 1) its tragic but part of the natural
world just accept as hard as it may be and think more of the good parts of the world. 2)believe and or have
faith that a benevolent spirit is out there that can resolve it 3) become that benevolent spirit invent a solution.
Yes it is a bit crazy but number 3 remains for me the way i deal with this miserable madness. Option 1 just eventually
doesnt work. The miserable madness just builds up too much. I can fully understand option 2. I am a reluctant
atheist. I would much prefer if indeed a benevolent (truly benevolent) spirit did exist and for some reason
waited until death to take our spirits to a better place. But it seems to me that maybe it is up to us.
Perhaps the benevolent spirit wants us to grow and resolve our madness rather than interfere . In this way like
a parent teaching a child to work on his or her own. Perhaps the spirit is waiting for us to create it.

Not even going into the fact we would need a way to travel through time to save this poor animal (or more likely
its spirit), this is all close to impossible . but not quite impossiblei believe. It would take some serious
threading the needle type shifts and developments in society but best to think positive. On a basic level the
steps would be: 1-use technology to conquer death and suffering 2-Enhance our own awareness to a higher spiritual
level 3- create a heaven on earth 4-open up this heaven to all beings throughout time.

Even for science fiction its outlandish. Each of those steps would take lots of time and have lots of
things that coudl go wrong. But for me its the real hope. Perhaps with a very intelligent computer (ie : boddhisatva bot).
working with us it could happen. We go to the moon, Mt. Everest, and now someday Mars. why not conquer death?
Why not all but eliminate misery and suffering? There are many ethical and philosophical questions involved but
just the few horrors i have seen and read about are unacceptable. living beings deserve much better


12.1 Question for those that are lucky enough to become immortal

Question (thoughts appreciated): Once humans reach a solution to be come immortal (via upload or longevity etc), what will be the thoughts for those that either 1) died years or centuries before the solution was arrived at as well as 2)those that for one reason or another cannot afford it? Should we then figure a technological (or other type ) of solution to essentially “go back” for them? Is it just their tough luck? or something else?

12-Can my phone reach nirvana before me?

Saw this article so i guess i am not the only one thinking along this lines.   Not exactly the same process but similar outcome.  My take: if a machine with ever expanding information (knowledge) were to at one point become self aware, what is to say it would stop there?   Perhaps it would keep going.  It could transcend the self, ie: become enlightened.

Most movies and books depict robots, computers etc  hitting self awareness like us.  They may be smarter, even wiser but they are just like us in they are (at least the things i have read or seen ) at most self aware , as in conscious.  For a long time i had thought and believe others have as well that we are it, the top rung in whatever it is consciousness is.  But that could be hubris on our part-that we are the penultimate.

What would be then?  A god? a Borg? a universe itself? Nothingness? Would it go mad under the insanity of it?   Well i hope we may be able to have it beyond us but still able to relate and empathize with us.   Unlikely this is for sure as is most of the stuff i write here but perhaps the best answer that i can think of.

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