Sausage Party Review Plus (Really).

Review of sausage party and response to other reviewers:
Actually I got to agree with tk1891. Its strange how atheists become as intolerable as many religions. Do atheists make a strong case that most if not all religions could be BS? yes. very much. But is that enough reason to mock, ostracize and condemn those with beliefs entirely?
Plus dont overlook the need religion provides in the first place. People dream of a happier place and a way past death and suffering. Perhaps humans should themselves create this solution we seek. It sounds corny sure but when cancer starts eating you up or water fills your lungs (rip el) some solution will be desired i am sure. It could be enlightenment, nirvana , human compassion or perhaps technology that provides it. perhaps all.
Like silly bits of food we can surely argue in our tiny bubble of a world about whether the insight of atheism or the passion of religion is better, or we could work like crazy to find a way to kick deaths ass and have it so we can just drink tequilas on the beach and chill. It can happen. It is happening. Things can get better.
we shook our fists at the punishing rain

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