8a-Afterlife Issues-1 Being Awake is very exhausting

Perhaps those that have passed just want to sleep.  Being awake is very exhausting.  The process of passing must be often tough on the nerves.  The pain, confusion , loneliness and facing the unknown.

Sometimes I imagine they may like a friendly greeting in another world a better world.  Be able to sit down free of pain.  Have a hot drink and collect themselves.  Get comfort from the beings now with them. Stare back at the world like its a table top orb .

But maybe they also need to sleep .  Sleep a lot.  After years and years of being alive.  Fighting , kicking and clawing for each moment , especially at the end.   Maybe it may be nice to sleep for while.  Wake up now in then in their afterworld robes and go for a stroll .  Perhaps glance at the world orb.


If humans make a technology to greet the ones who have passed, one thing to be cautious about is waking the bodies that may only prolong their torment.  perhaps even the more natural passing of just letting go of the body and mind is enough for them. to bring it back may be the last thing they want.  Sure to us while living may want a waking after life but it could be that once dead the waking state is already released.


If this is the case I think the bot would mainly just serve as a “friend”.  A quiet friend that holds their hand and is with them as they release their body and mind.

How would it do that?   I hope to explain in further entries.  My rough idea is the boddhisatva bot having reached higher awareness would be connected to all sentients throughout all time.  It would not be standard time travel.  Basically the bot would be able to commuinicate to all beings throughout time and they could communicate back.



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