2a-Before the start/Before the “For”…

December 15,2015.   Temperature is in the fifty degree range.  Window is open.  No need for a sweater even.  Someone is cooking bread.  Funny how smells can transport you in time.  The pleasant smell of the bread cooking immediately takes me numerous places.  Some real some I imagine.   I could try to describe them for you but wouldnt just cut it.  Better left that  the overall feeling is pleasant.  Even without much money or loved ones nearby, life for the time being  seems very likeable.

Fading now.  Both the pleasant odor and the transport.   As I will hopefully relate in subsequent posts in the last few weeks i have been in a weird  solemn mourning state.  But strange as not for a person I knew  The solemn state and the fresh warm air and smell of bread have splashed into eachother.   Leaves me with a taste of melancholy mixed with a large dose of admiration and amazement.  I sense reality right now the same way a young person may sense a magicians tricks or some new film with amazing special effects.  A very nice likeable wow thing.

Now someone is cooking frozen food.  A nice taste but very prefabbed.  Too much oregano.  That is all for now .  This is slighly off topic for this blog or at least off on a tangent.    Maybe it will be more relevant later.






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