Yearning Voice Breaks Through.

In the back of your standard family style tv commercial is the somewhat normal background music. but it seems like i am hearing
a ghost. the music is like and oldstyle romatic ballard with a male voice crooning with all he can. crooning but with
a trembleing sadness in his voice to. like he is singing to a love one long gone but still li loved.

like he is crooning for all his life and heart. the voice is reverberating . its in the background of the sound not up front
which makes it even more ghostly.
he is like a ghost giveing so much emotion he/it/she melts a hole in the world sneaking out into it. sneaking back into it.

all the laws of physics, science…sure they hold but the voice of this person its real too. its reach a level of intensity its above space and time
and can go back into it. not like a full human but the painful deep and powerful emotion that the
human had experienced at one time: love and loss and yearing.

meanwhile me. i feel like someon in the matrix. life seems unnartural and like i was dropped into it: i am alive but in a glasbox. cant break the rules.
cant get out. i mus tlive and then die.


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