6-Football, Cooking Knives and Reality

Watched one football game with the home team and was all stressed and worked up for the win.
Then watch a second game where I didnt have any connections to the teams and casually watched with a bit of humor.
One of the teams was losing by first just 31 points then 38. Now a saftey it appears.
For the players and the fans it must be really painful. But even for them afterwards its back to real life.
The QB, players go back to living as millionaires. The game may bother them for a while but ultimately they are
sucessful with lots of money despite the loss. Somewhat true for the fans as well. Pain of the loss but then eventually
it sinks in that it was just a game and back to their daily lives.

My sister mentions getting cut while cleaning some kitchen blades. She jokingly mentions how sharp they are
and got to be careful when cleaning them. but now the cut is over and she can joke about it. Both the pain
and the physical injury are just memories and harmeless to her now.


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