1-A Better World

I believe its still possible.  You hear about global warming, unending wars, hypercapitalism, and thousand of other things to make your day murky.

But I think it can happen.  Not some sudden glorious utopia of course but step by step deliberate progress that allows it to actually happen.  Its a project that many can participate in by various methods , approaches and even various interpretations.  But the focus is specific.  Life can be better.  It may be as simple as improved toothpaste or as far reaching as making us too strong for death to handle.

Well I know making the world a better place is a sentiment that has become hackneyed and naive in the face of the daily struggle to just get by .  But after 52 years on this planet I think its worth refreshing and revisiting the sentiment. Less for the syrupy goody goodyness of it than the realization that yes in fact it can be done.  Gradually sure but it can.

I hope to still to take time to have fun in this world .  But I also hope to dedicate much time to this project .

I have a name for the project: BoddhisatvaBot.  Later I hope to explain the name.  I also have a person to dedicate it to: Elisa. its for Elisa. She was not someone i personally knew but  reading of her end caused me to decide to finally start putting this all down.  I really hope this can work. For all of us and certainly for Elisa.


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