10-2 Visions 1 Day

Today in this case is 1 29 2016.   At about 615 pm I was reading Jah Wobbles Memoirs of a Geezer . It is his autobiography.  In it he describes  the mystical experiences of playing and listening to very simple  repetitive bass rhythms.  The experience of losing the self in the sound into something beyond thoughts, words etc.

I wasnt having the experience but could definitely relate.  I am tired and old but i would say all i have learned in my life leans towards that inexplicable, beyond normal thoughts and life experience being very close to a higher level humans can possibly reach.  Many can do it through meditation, excercise or repetitive actions like the music Wobble speaks of.

Its a very buddhist, taoist thing.  To me so far they are the closest thing to a genuine spiritual experience in this world.   But the catch is you got to be in that state to experience it.   People going about their daily lives  and in fact really almost all of us are very rarely in that state and instead just milling about in the banal daily world.  Experiencing occasional happiness but ultimately facing as mentioned before suffering and death.  And there seems to be no guarantee that a calming beautiful mystical merging with the oneness happens at the end.

What is to be said about reaching Nirvana if so many others are still in pain and confusion.  ? EL being just one example.

But later in the day at around 1030 pm i was watching a movie called Tomorrowland  .  Its filled with images of a future world that is bright, beautiful and magical.   Maybe a bit glossed over but magical just the same.   It was very different from the mystical beauty that Wobble described.  His was more simple and timeless.  Elementary.  Though again its not experienced by all.   The magic mystical world of Tomorrowland was all inclusive in a way.  A utopia for all.   I could imagine EL being there safe now.  i could imagine all the people i have known being there and happy.  Its definitely a happy place where all you have to do is experience it an be happy.  Play with toys.  have fun.  Be happy.

So i had a bit of a conflict here.  Wobble’s mystical experience that i related to was one i found later in life.   But Tomorrowland reminded me of this juicy wonderful optimism i sometimes experienced when i was about 12 and going to movie theaters and seeing the sci fi of the late 70’s early 80’s.  Close Encounters etc.   All left me with the vision of a splending happy world.  Perhaps now in my older years it seems naive and unrealistic but i still have sentimental attachment to it.   As they say in Tomorrowland “how can we fix it?” Things can be better. And for everyone.

If i can I want both .  The mystical simple vision Wobble mentions that is much like Nirvana or deep meditation  and also the glossy hi tech happy world of a better future like in Tomorrowland.  When it comes to  ultimate happiness I am apparently a bit greedy.   I want there to be a way to have the splendid happy tomorrow world and then the pureness of the mystic nirvanesque thing. Both .  Somehow.




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